Victory at Indie Fashion Week

The final show of Indie Fashion Week was a victory.

Producer Harley Morgan and his team really gave the audience something to talk about and created a platform for new and indie designers to showcase their work.

This year’s show was held at the Dance Place Theater, a unique venue option which allowed all attendees a great view of the stage. The VIP attendees felt very important as they were ushered inside, escorted to the first four rows and given a swag bag filled with goodies including Emerge the Magazine.  The flashing lights and tripods of the many photographers in attendance snapping pictures gave the atmosphere the feel comparable to that of NY Fashion Week. Serving as Emcee, Mr.Morgan’s excitement was evident throughout the evening as he enthusiastically described the designs with clarity and spoke eagerly about all the designers. The timing of the designers showcasing their work was brilliant. The audience was entertained with brief skits about Prince and domestic violence paying homage to National Domestic Violence Awareness Month while dancers floated across the stage. The connection between Prince, the color purple, and domestic violence awareness was well blended. The lighting gave that theatrical ambiance. The audience felt very engaged and the wow factor was definitely in the air.

This was an overall amazing event and Harley Morgan is definitely one to watch as he continues to emerge in the world of fashion. We commend Harley Morgan and his team on having a successful third cycle of Indie Fashion Week and creating a platform for new and hardworking fashion designers. This week is a must attend.


Day 1 Month 1 of Emerge’s 6 Month Entrepreneur Challenge

It is time to embark on this 6 month journey of self discovery, growth, and at the end success.

Month 1: mnth-1-challenge

First tip on how to determine what you really want:

Realize It Is Okay To Be Selfish

It is hard to know exactly what you want in life unless you realize sacrifice comes with the territory. You will have to sacrifice your time and more. But remember you have to put yourself first.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. What if I wasn’t tied down by my job?
  2. What if I didn’t have to do things for my family or friends?
  3. What would I be doing in this very moment?

Remember it is okay to put yourself first. No one else will. If you are not happy then you can’t make anyone else happy.


Expressions Of Prudence (Work/Life Edition)

· To inspire the reader with a positive message

· To ignite a spark in the reader’s spirit, which in time creates change

· To impel and catapult the reader to another level of thinking above mediocrity and on a level all your own


A Different Perspective of Your Driving Experience (Seen & Unseen)

Driving happens to be one of my favorite things to do!  I like the forward progression from one destination to the next.  The consistent forward motion and destiny gives me inner-motivation to simply… get there.  Along with that motivation, I also like to play music (a passion of mine), or a teaching from my Auto University (mind programming, spiritual food, inspirational lessons).  I believe that with a focus on what’s inside my car rather than outside my car, I am able to enjoy the ride better rather than get frustrated at the lady in front of me that knows she NEEDS to be in the OTHER lane because she’s going too slow in the LEFT LANE!!!! Aaahhh!!!

One thing I have come to realize, however, is that our driver’s side is designed to protect you from Blind Spots around you and give you, the Pilot, a great view of what’s in front of you and also what’s behind you.  There’s a full windshield ahead of you that is much larger than the 3 smaller rear-view mirrors!  However, each view has a purpose and provides a protection all its own.  The windshield gives you a full view of what’s ahead so you can move forward with a guard from the wind ahead of you; which allows you to also progress to your destination.  At the same time, the 3 mirrors are used to give the driver a rear-view through the rear-windshield and provide information necessary to move forward!  Yet in still, there are blind spots or blind sides that still exist, which require an extra turning of our head to see; through the side windows!

With that being said, why are the Windshields larger than the Rear-Views? Why is it necessary to have a need to see behind us when we aren’t going in that direction?  At night, why do some rear-view mirrors adjust to protect the driver from a glare?  And if all these views are available to us, why are there still areas around the car that are considered Blind Spots or Blind Sides?  And my last question is with all these views of the outside of the car, why are there still car accidents?

BOTTOM LINE ————————————————————

Driving our cars is a lot like life in the sense that we have to look in front of us into our future and plan accordingly in order to really live and enjoy our lives.  We also have to constantly look behind us in the past and remember where we came from, what experiences we had, what memories helped to shape our thinking about our future and create a belief system for our upcoming experiences!  Our rear-views also help us to judge our distances from where we once were and just how much further we are after having received a promotion, a graduation or upgrade in life.  We begin to appreciate the growth that comes along with moving forward.  That is a gift in and of itself!

Another correlation is that we need to set and consider our goals and visions as the roadmaps to life and our purpose for living.  We will not truly be able to move forward in life without clearly defined goals and reasons to move ahead in life.  Why would you move forward if you don’t know where you are going?  For what reason would you think making a right or left would get you closer to your destiny or destination if you don’t have one defined?  Everyone should set small goals to lead to larger Visions, which drive you and those with you… to Dreams!  It’s all a matter of knowing where you are going that will set the pace and rate of your forward motion.  There is a confidence in knowing…

However, those blind spots or blind sides are still there.  These are those areas of our lives that we don’t see in ourselves.  It may take more than just self-awareness to recognize these areas of our lives and that is where our circles of influence come into the picture.  This is where we need other people that have our back to inform of us of things in our lives which we cannot see.  They are those that don’t mind telling us, about us and revealing to us what we don’t see!  The following areas are just a few areas that can be considered BLIND SPOTS or BLIND SIDES:

1)    FALSE PRIDE – Having the attitude of walking beyond reproach or more highly than one ought to. An unduly high opinion of oneself, conceit.

2)    SELFISHNESS – Concerned excessively and exclusively with oneself: seeking or concentrating on one’s own advantage, pleasure, or well-being without the regard for others.

3)    ARROGANCE – An exaggerated attitude that one’s own worth is beyond reproach or superior to everyone else, an extreme sense of self-pride.

4)    IGNORANCE – To be void of or have a lack of knowledge, education and awareness; usually of something very important.

5)    HEARTLESS – Having or showing a lack of sympathy or tender feelings, having or showing the desire to inflict severe pain and suffering on others.

6)    CLOSE-MINDED – Totally stubborn in one’s beliefs and unreceptive of new ideas and new perspectives.

7)    LOW SELF-ESTEEM – Having a poor self-image or unfavorable impression of oneself, negatively downplaying one’s worth and value.

(Although, these are just a few, seek your own and make a few changes)

Now, consider your Partner in life, your Spouse, Fiance, Business Partner and Friends.  Ask yourself, do they help to sharpen you and help to reveal your Blind Spots and Blind Sides? Who are your Co-Pilots in business or are they sleeping on the job and role for your life? Think about who you listen to or give weight to in the decision making process of your business.  Find your mentors and those that help you to “Sharpen Your Saw,” and make your better in business. Take this time to consider just how you can also be the best Co-Pilot for someone else as well.  After all, how can you expect to be sharpened, if you don’t aim to sharpen someone else?  Speak to these Partners in life and don’t be afraid to ask these hard questions of self-evaluations and examination.  Don’t hinder their answers, don’t shy away from their responses, but embrace them, cherish them and take heed.  Your Destination Awaits…

Expressions of Prudence (Work/Life Edition)

· To inspire the reader with a positive message

· To ignite a spark in the reader’s spirit, which in time creates change

· To impel and catapult the reader to another level of thinking above mediocrity and on a level all your own

A Man's Dreams Needs A Woman with Vision Cover Photo


The two side by side equate to Greatness and Success

The Earth was created in such a perfect order that everything in some way or form complemented the other. If this wasn’t so, it wouldn’t be able to withstand the test of time, and remain in such a beautiful state!  The land, the air and sea acts as the environment necessary to host every living creature on the Earth. Then you have the Sun and Moon acting as a light for all to see, which benefits everyone at some point in time; the same is true in every human relationship. Each person has a responsibility to complement and shine on one another for the benefit of each person involved in that relationship.  Therefore, for us Entrepreneurs that are in a relationship with another Entrepreneur, we must be able to compliment and complement one another like a hand and glove, a tree and river, or ink and pen.  This is how they both can have each other’s back AND front!

Being Entrepreneurs, we live lives that are not common and aren’t easily understood.  We stay up late, sacrifice the common recreational activities that many enjoy, miss certain TV shows and thank DVRs for allowing us to replay what was missed.  We plan everything and make very calculated risks that coincide with our goals.  But at the same time, we actually do really amazing things when you stop to think!  We shape and mold the internet with our websites and Social Media. We employ others and help make little Timmy’s Christmas just a little bit more memorable. We develop our businesses to solve problems for people and help simplify their life in some form or another. Out of our minds, we touch the world one bright idea at a time, but we can’t do all that alone, we need help from others; especially our Partner or significant other!

We’ve heard the term, “Behind every great man is a great woman,” and on many occasions this is true, but it doesn’t scratch the surface in my opinion.  That term was coined at a time where women were fighting for equality and finally winning at having their voices heard and respected.  It only makes sense because the wisdom within women is essential for most plans to take flight successfully.  Women help to balance a man’s rough edges in many ways and although we hate to admit it sometimes, women were created to help make men better! With their voices now heard, we now have women leading corporations and impacting history like never before.  They too have a man behind them, they couldn’t do what they do alone either.  Oprah Winfrey has Stedman Graham, Indra K. Nooyi has Raj and the rise of powerful women only increase in number.  Therefore, it’s safe to say that Women with Vision exists just as much as Men with Dreams, so I hope to start an uproar when I say, “A Man with Dreams needs A Woman with Vision.”

Men with dreams tend to make history because of the boldness they walk in.  However, it’s not just what’s in their plan and strategy that makes them great, but it’s their character, mindset, their heart, their words and ability to lead amongst many other attributes.  Even in my own life, I can’t imagine where I’d be if a woman wasn’t there to support me and have my back.  We were created to complement one another, just as the birds in the sky need the air to fly, and the fish of the sea need water to swim free, we need each other; naturally!

BOTTOM LINE ————————————————————

A Woman with Vision understands the bigger picture and knows it will take diligence and forced focus to achieve the tasks that come with the territory of greatness and success.  She uses the wisdom on the inside of her to save money, spend wisely, compete even with the greatest, and use her intuition to simply…Win!  This is not something taught in schools, but she is born with this gift and with the help of her parents, the environments around her, her experiences and failures, she learns and grows, gets stronger and wiser.  This is what a Man with Dreams needs in the household, in the office, on the frontline, in the marketplace and on the battle field.  When he knows that the Woman on his side is handling her business and helping to maintain their responsibilities as his tag team partner, there is no limit to what he can do and where his Dreams can take them!

Together, Power Couples seem to just move mountains and leave legacies behind them.  The Kennedys, Jay Z & Beyoncé, Bill and Melinda Gates, The Obamas, Drs. Mike and DeeDee Freeman, Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, and even Steve and Marjorie Harvey each have learned one another and want their tag team partner to shine, just as much as they are.  Dreams, or life-changing ideas not yet lived out, have a tendency to spark thoughts and ignite actions from those thoughts that don’t normally move us.  Visions, or concepts needing to be built and developed with a team effort, are what’s behind every great accomplishment ever achieved.  They go hand in hand, just as the sky hold clouds and the spirit lives in a body, everything created has something to complement it, especially Entrepreneurs!

Just imagine the endless possibilities that will take place because the two of you chose to get together! There is no limit to what you two can do, especially when you both play your part and get together to WIN in every area of your lives; at home and abroad. Even heaven above will back and support whatever you put your hands to (Matthew 18:19-20). Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12 pretty much confirms that the two of you together are better than you alone. Take advantage of him or her, the product of your intelligent choice, and go out to the world to make a difference every time you speak, every meeting you sit in, every chance you get, Be Great, Be Yourself, Be Amazing; together as one!!!