Victory at Indie Fashion Week

The final show of Indie Fashion Week was a victory.

Producer Harley Morgan and his team really gave the audience something to talk about and created a platform for new and indie designers to showcase their work.

This year’s show was held at the Dance Place Theater, a unique venue option which allowed all attendees a great view of the stage. The VIP attendees felt very important as they were ushered inside, escorted to the first four rows and given a swag bag filled with goodies including Emerge the Magazine.  The flashing lights and tripods of the many photographers in attendance snapping pictures gave the atmosphere the feel comparable to that of NY Fashion Week. Serving as Emcee, Mr.Morgan’s excitement was evident throughout the evening as he enthusiastically described the designs with clarity and spoke eagerly about all the designers. The timing of the designers showcasing their work was brilliant. The audience was entertained with brief skits about Prince and domestic violence paying homage to National Domestic Violence Awareness Month while dancers floated across the stage. The connection between Prince, the color purple, and domestic violence awareness was well blended. The lighting gave that theatrical ambiance. The audience felt very engaged and the wow factor was definitely in the air.

This was an overall amazing event and Harley Morgan is definitely one to watch as he continues to emerge in the world of fashion. We commend Harley Morgan and his team on having a successful third cycle of Indie Fashion Week and creating a platform for new and hardworking fashion designers. This week is a must attend.


Day 1 Month 1 of Emerge’s 6 Month Entrepreneur Challenge

It is time to embark on this 6 month journey of self discovery, growth, and at the end success.

Month 1: mnth-1-challenge

First tip on how to determine what you really want:

Realize It Is Okay To Be Selfish

It is hard to know exactly what you want in life unless you realize sacrifice comes with the territory. You will have to sacrifice your time and more. But remember you have to put yourself first.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. What if I wasn’t tied down by my job?
  2. What if I didn’t have to do things for my family or friends?
  3. What would I be doing in this very moment?

Remember it is okay to put yourself first. No one else will. If you are not happy then you can’t make anyone else happy.


Expressions of Prudence (Work/Life Edition)

· To inspire the reader with a positive message

· To ignite a spark in the reader’s spirit, which in time creates change

· To impel and catapult the reader to another level of thinking above mediocrity and on a level all your own


Start Something New

Today happens to be an interesting day.  It marks the day that New Beginnings are remembered and created!  If you didn’t know, the number “8” symbolizes “New Beginnings.”  That’s what the number represents, just like the number “1” represents “Unity,” or “7” is the number representing “Completion.”  So on today being 8/8/16, there is a propensity to start something new in the air for singles and couples!  With that in mind, I have a challenge for you and your Significant Other and here is how it will play out:

ObjectiveStart Something New – Create a New Beginning with yourself or your partner, starting whenever you read this first.   I don’t care if it is something as little as going to sleep earlier or waking up earlier to eat breakfast at home for a change.  The goal of this challenge is to enlighten yourself and your partner on a whole new horizon.  Would you join me?  Find one of the following things to try:

1) Turn off the T.V. and Pick up a book and read a new genre of book that you wouldn’t normally pick up.  If you aren’t used to reading, simply pick a book and read anything.  If you want to take it to another level with your reading, start a Book Club and make book reading a social event!  If there is a book that can enhance your relationship in any way, read it with your partner for a change.  Alternate chapters where you read chapter 1, he/she reads chapter 2, you read chapter 3 and so on.  Explore the book together and have a discussion about it at the end of each chapter.  This is guaranteed to take your learning of one another to a whole new plateau.

2) Start a Gym Membership and start sweating off some unnecessary pounds.  If you don’t have the funds for a membership, start taking walks alone or together, after the humidity leaves the air in the evening or first thing in the morning.  This is a good start to more good habits, these become additive as you see results…literally! Make sure you chart your progress through monthly measurements and strength tests to recognize your increases and improvements.  By charting these changes together, you will see a motivation and drive that can keep you going back to the gym more and more excited. It’s a very cool experience.

3) Random Acts of Kindness would do someone else a huge favor and has the ability to change the outcome of their day.  This is something easy to do that doesn’t cost anything but your creativity and thinking of how to be a blessing with no strings attached.  If you feel led, give a gift to one another and to others instead of expecting them or someone else to give to you. I am talking about more than just letting the person over in front of you in your car, after they put on their blinkers avoiding the long line of cars behind you!  Pull something out of your wallet and give, give, give till it hurts. Lift a finger to randomly make someone else’s life easier, better, and more simplified in some form or fashion.  You’ll feel so good afterwards, trust me.

4) Start a Journal and write in it whatever you want.  You don’t even have to have a topic or a day that you write in it.  You can even start a journal of all the blessings you received or experienced.  Make lists that mean something to you, so when you look back and read it, you are amazed or begin to smile!

5) Find or Return back to a Church and gain a relationship with a higher power.  Don’t follow a religion but find a church that would lead you to a relationship, which would last longer than religion!  Bring your partner to a relationship building environment such as Marriage Made EZ or a Weekend To Remember, that would help you to surround yourself with other couples and positive people that desire to enhance their relationship in a spiritual manner.  This pays dividends that last a lifetime!

6) Make a Phone Call to a friend or foe of your past.  Open up a line of communication or resurrect a bridge that was once walked on and out of the blue call someone up, “Just Because…”  You’ll may be amazed that they just might need to hear from someone and could use your kind voice on the other end of the line!

7) Begin Researching A Business Endeavor or Project that you can see yourself and your business team enjoying.  Exercise your talents and make money off of them by learning something new within your craft’s industry and markets.  You will love to find out how easy it is to earn a living doing what you love!

8) Test Drive a New Car by going to a dealership that you are interested in and check out a brand new car.  You don’t have to be in the market for a new car, but it won’t hurt to feel the leather, smell the scent and experience the ride of a new car.  WARNING: This may lead you to take better care of your own car, which may ultimately qualify you to attract the car you want around you!

BOTTOM LINE ————————————————————-

We all get used to the same ole’ thing and never branch out of our routines and start anything new!  How do you expect to grow if you aren’t learning something?  I once heard that the moment you stop learning is the same moment that you stop growing!  Let this challenge cause you to grow and build your knowledge base in some form or fashion.  I don’t care if you come up with your own list of things to do, just do it.  Try this challenge for 30 days or the rest of the month, if not the rest of the year.  I will guarantee you that there will be new realities in your life that you may have never imagined.  Otherwise, stay right where you are and don’t experience more for yourself, you just may get bored…twiddling your thumbs, literally!  No, but seriously, join me.  I want to see how your life changes…