Victory at Indie Fashion Week

The final show of Indie Fashion Week was a victory.

Producer Harley Morgan and his team really gave the audience something to talk about and created a platform for new and indie designers to showcase their work.

This year’s show was held at the Dance Place Theater, a unique venue option which allowed all attendees a great view of the stage. The VIP attendees felt very important as they were ushered inside, escorted to the first four rows and given a swag bag filled with goodies including Emerge the Magazine.  The flashing lights and tripods of the many photographers in attendance snapping pictures gave the atmosphere the feel comparable to that of NY Fashion Week. Serving as Emcee, Mr.Morgan’s excitement was evident throughout the evening as he enthusiastically described the designs with clarity and spoke eagerly about all the designers. The timing of the designers showcasing their work was brilliant. The audience was entertained with brief skits about Prince and domestic violence paying homage to National Domestic Violence Awareness Month while dancers floated across the stage. The connection between Prince, the color purple, and domestic violence awareness was well blended. The lighting gave that theatrical ambiance. The audience felt very engaged and the wow factor was definitely in the air.

This was an overall amazing event and Harley Morgan is definitely one to watch as he continues to emerge in the world of fashion. We commend Harley Morgan and his team on having a successful third cycle of Indie Fashion Week and creating a platform for new and hardworking fashion designers. This week is a must attend.


Day 1 Month 1 of Emerge’s 6 Month Entrepreneur Challenge

It is time to embark on this 6 month journey of self discovery, growth, and at the end success.

Month 1: mnth-1-challenge

First tip on how to determine what you really want:

Realize It Is Okay To Be Selfish

It is hard to know exactly what you want in life unless you realize sacrifice comes with the territory. You will have to sacrifice your time and more. But remember you have to put yourself first.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. What if I wasn’t tied down by my job?
  2. What if I didn’t have to do things for my family or friends?
  3. What would I be doing in this very moment?

Remember it is okay to put yourself first. No one else will. If you are not happy then you can’t make anyone else happy.


3rd Annual Corporate Leadership & Power Networking Conference

On April Thursday 28, 2016

Immediate Press Release

VIPeVENTS Concierge will be hosting its 3rd Annual Corporate Leadership & Power Networking Conference on at the Microsoft Corporate Office, located at 12012 Sunset Hills Road, Suite 100, Reston, VA 20190. 8:00 am – 3:30 pm.

Our featured speakers are Shirley Luu, Executive Field Chairman, Steven D. Stone Principal Attorney, Author Jennifer Foxworthy, Edward Reed, Melanie Gamble, Dr. Anthony T. Hardnett, and Author Nicole Turner.

Special Guest Speaker & Presentation by Microsoft Executive

This event is designed to bring together professionals and assist business leaders in maximizing their resources in areas such as financial, government contracting, business development, business leadership. Expert professionals will be on hand to deliver tools and information in their area of expertise.

The Keynote Speaker will be Ilene Giles, CEO and Founder of GSA Proposal Maven. Ilene is an expert that helps companies grow with a GSA federal schedule. She is the queen of the demystifying the GSA contract process and can help companies grow their bottom line with long term GSA contracts. Special guest speaker Demek Adams will be in attendance speaking Business Development.

Exclusive Media Coverage will be provided by Emerge the Magazine. President and Founder of Emerge is Tiffany Boyle.

networking conference_without pricing.jpgVIPeVENTS Concierge will be offering Television and Marketing opportunities that will be inclusive to the corporate sponsorship packages. This will assist businesses in the efforts to boost Marketing and Advertising and raise economic growth throughout the Washington Metropolitan area. To inquire please contact our offices at 443.254.1098 or email:

Complimentary VIP Parking, Continental Breakfast and Lunch will be served to all registered attendees and sponsors. A limited amount of guest can attend this event so it’s best to act quickly!

$50 for Early Bird Registration until Feb.11 | After Feb.11 $75 Please register @